Carlos Lidón

"Hello, I am going to Iceland at the end of this week and I was wondering if there are any places you could suggest for me to go, Thank you!"
- maybeimalittledifferent

Sure! How long are you staying there and where do you plan to go in Iceland (south, west, east, north)? Are you also going to rent a car?

I ask because the island is really big and depending on your time you could decide what to see.

You’re going on summer so you should be able to go almost everywhere (except the center of the island) with a normal car. I really recommend you to start by Thingvellir (a natural park where is the breach between europe and america), Gulfoss (second biggest waterfall in Iceland) and go to the south and see all the Vik area (the black beach, two nice waterfalls -Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss-). Then you could continue to Svartifoss which is a nice waterfall before the glacier, see the glacier and all its surroundings (it’s an amazing place, maybe my favorite). With all that you should have things to do and see for at least 4 days or 3 if you go really fast.

Let me know how much time you have and I can tell you nice things to see in the north, which is totally different from the south and also really nice  :)

Here you should be able to see the route I’ve made for my trip, I have marked the things to see on every line or step in the map, including where to sleep. Maybe it can orientate you for your travel:

I hope I was useful. Iceland is amazing, I wish you a great travel and a nice experience  ;) 

One video about my trip to Iceland! 8 days, more than 2200km in the cold winter of 2013.

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